Nicki oh Nicki

I love everything about Nicki Minaj from her music to her style. I’m often asked, “how can you like someone like that?” Easy, she’s different. I embrace creativity. I’m not someone who likes things the same. I love a little spice. Nicki has that extra spice. Despite what is said about her, she isn’t afraid of trying new things and pushing herself beyond limitations. Her documentary on MTV made me love her even more. She showed a more personal side about herself that allowed people to to open up to her. After that, how can you not like Nicki?

I’ve been listening to her since she was doing underground music. My favorite song of hers before she made it big was Jumpoff. I was in my best friends room with her jamming to this. Her making it big doesn’t make me like her any less. In fact, it makes me pay more attention to her. I’ll always be a Nicki fan. #teamBarbies

SPC FAME Fashion Show

On March 31st, my school will be having their annual fashion show that is hosted by FAME: Fashion And Modeling Entertainment. I’m looking forward to this. For as long as I’ve been here, the shows have seemed to be getting better. From what I’ve heard, this year is supposed to have a few really good designers. I can’t wait to se what they have in store. I’ll keep you guys updated.