Pilar Scratch Presents: Scratching Brutality

Pilar Scratch brings you Scratching Brutality. What Exactly is Scratching Brutality? It is a fashion show ball to promote anti-violence in Newark, NJ. Its a black tie event that will honor Vanessa Banks, Quinton Brown and Roxy Sorina. It will be held on July 30th at the Connential Hall 2nd floor at 5 Washington Avenue, Newark, NJ. Red carpet starts at 3p. Admission is $20. To RSVP, contact scratch.designs09@gmail.com


Summer Sound Series: Spotlight For Unsigned Artists

Trying to get into the music business is almost never easy as an artist.  99.3 The Joynt is offering a chance for unsigned talents to perform each and every Wednesday night at Misavi Lounge 62 Van Buren St, Newark New Jersey.  There is no charge for performing. Whether its to perform or come listen, it’s a good spot to be at on a Wednesday night.  If you’re interested in performing hit me up via email mestimable@mail.spc.edu or bbm 20DD4AB0