Mouse Sucks Psychedelic Punk

18 year old Psychodelic Punk artist Mouse Sucks comes straight from Ontario, Canada. Since he started living out in Brooklyn,NY in 2011, he started making music. His latest song, “No Love” is a collaboration with fellow Brooklyn artists Capital Ode and Shawn K. Music is his passion. His time is spent music related. He is either working on his music or working on content for his music. Check out “No Love”

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X Phaze

20121126-215200.jpg X-Phaze is a 16 year old unsigned Indie Hip-Hop artist from North Jersey. After winning Hot 97’s “Time 2 Shine” contest, opening for Matisyahu, performing at the 2012 Bamboozle Festival and receiving over a quarter million views via YouTube, X-Phaze is beginning to extend his music career headstrong. He began looking at music as something he wanted to do for the rest of his life when he was 14 years old. Taking hip-hop dance classes and dancing on the New Jersey Nets Kids Team helped confirm that music was something he wanted to do.

He believes that music is more than just his life. “Whether it is tapping my hands on a table to make a beat, writing song lyrics for a song or performing in front of 100s of people, music isn’t only my life; it is my passion.” Music wise, his biggest inspiration is between Tech N9ne and Eminem. His biggest influences in his life are his family, friends and fans. They allow him to continue to strive with his music. Outside of school and kicking it with his friends, X-Phaze spends his time devoted to his music and interacting with his fans.


<a href="“>”Enemies” Music Video –
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“Bang Bang” Music Video
“Let’s Get It Started” Mix
“Rap It Up” Music Video


Kush Casper


Kush Casper didn’t let his environment dictate where he should be in life. He was raised in the midst of poverty, drugs and crime. He hagan rapping when he was 12 years old. He contributed to a group called 187. Years later, he began building a reputation as a popular DJ.

After graduating high school, Casper wanted to continue in his path into the music industry. He felt that it was equally important to continue his education. After being accept Ed into Howard University, he started his college career during Fall 2008. At the age of 22, Casper is majoring in Accounting.

In reference to being an artist, Casper considers himself to have a more diverse style with east coast influence. He categorizes his music into smooth-hip hop with the creative help of producer Greg Trakkz. His most current musical endeavor was assisted with Greg Trakkz and Tri-Fekta Entertainment. His first single off of his Love Lost mixtape, Always Love You, was released in early 2012. Casper has the heart of a musical artist and the soul of an entrepreneur while working with his S.C.H.E.M.E Team. Check out Casper’s latest mixtape.


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First Time Dormers

It’s that time of year.  If you weren’t a part of an EOF/EOP, summer enrichment program or summer sports team that requires to live on a college campus for a certain amount of time, first time dormers should prepare themselves for some changes academically, socially and personally.  Living on campus brings both change and growth.  Not all changes will be good but you may feel better if you dive in thinking positively.  Here are some tips for first time dormers:

Check with financial aid: Not having everything squared away with financial aid before moving in can delay your moving.  Your wait time can range from a couple of minutes to a couple of days.  See if your school does express check in and how to go about that.

Make a list of what you may need at your new home away from home: This is  you new home.  You should take what you think you’ll need, sheets, covers, clothes, hangers, stuffed animals, cd players etc.  For certain items such as toasters and mini fridges among other items, you should check with your school to see what isn’t allowed in dorm rooms.

Get to know the people living on your floor or in your building: You never know who may need and why.  Besides, being friendly doesn’t hurt.  Your next door neighbor can be your lunch buddy when you walk into that seemingly huge cafeteria or your partner in crime.

Roommate ground rules: You and your roommate(s) should set some ground rules to avoid conflict  as much as possible in the future.  What items can be taken without permission, what should be asked for at all times, cleaning schedules, bathroom schedules(you get the idea)

Emergency contact list: For safety’s sake, you should have one that you’ll have access to in case of an emergency

Explore your surroundings: You’ll be living in this area for awhile.  You should get to know the area.  Who knows, you may just want to permanently live here.  Knowing your area can be pretty helpful.  You’ll know where the closest public transportation is and some of the local attractions.

Thirsty Thursday: If you don’t know what this means, you will soon.  Thirsty Thursday is pretty much drinking on Thursdays.  There will be dorm room parties, apartment parties and plenty of off campus parties.  Word of caution: keep your eye on your drinks and who you are with.  In a matter of seconds, a fun party with some drinks can turn disastrous.  Keep count of your drinks so you don’t over due it.


Here are a few videos with some more helpful tips.

New York Love

Who is Stixx? He’s an upcoming artist straight out of Brooklyn.  His mission is to make a strong impact on the music world.  He prefers to stand out than the be placed into a category.  His latest debut was his LP, “Road to Success”.  Along with seeing that he never gives up, he wants the world to hear his music and listen to his story.  Check out Stixx  page and his YouTube video below New York Love.  You could follow him on twitter.

Venturing Outside of Jersey City: My Final Video Project

Unlike my Multimedia Reporting class, I get to cover outside of Jersey City for my final video project for Video Journalism.  I decided that my project was either going to be about music or fashion.  Can you guess which one I’m covering and who????? One thing I will say for this project is it will be a documentary  style project.  I’m excited to get the cameras rolling!!! I’ll keep you guys updated.