Famous in Pink

In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I conducted an interview revolving around it.  I interviewed Ganeldye E. 

Me: What’s your view on breast cancer?

Ganeldye: Ugh it’s such an ugly  disease and I wish it would just go away.  Luckily no one I know has met with this creature.

Me: How do you feel about famous people who take steps towards finding a cure towards breast cancer?

G: I love them for it! I mean, a lot of them are making a big difference a big effort by holding events, donating and even creating fashion lines like Betsy Johnson.  Even though she is a breast cancer survivor, she has put in a lot of effort into this cure dream.  I like how famous people are involved but they aren’t the only ones that should be involved.  Regular everyday people can get involved.  Didn’t your school do something recently with the girl’s team for breast cancer month? I think it was a game.

Me: Yes we did.  The women’s basketball team along with other sports teams were selling t-shirts and were involved in the pack the house challenge.  The women’s team does this every year.  They sell the t-shirts and all of the proceeds go towards funding for finding a cure for breast cancer.  Then they play a game and everyone in the stands is asked to participate by wearing their pink t-shirts that they purchased.

G: That’s so cool! Like, that’s what I mean.  Not only famous people have to be involved, but they do make a big difference.  When people who look up to these famous people and athletes see they are doing something like this, it makes us regular people want to get involved.  I mean, I want to get involved anyway but seeing them so involved makes me want to do the same especially because it’s a good cause.  The more people they can reach out to, the closer we as a human race can get to a cure. 

Me: Thank you for your time.  Is there any last statement you would like to say?

 G: Yea.  Famous people have a lot more power than they think.  Why not be famous in pink?