Funding Your Education

For some people, finding money for college falls into their lap.  For others, it isn’t that easy.  The more some people try to further their education, the harder funding it becomes.  After receiving a bachelors degree, many students that wish to pursue getting their masters find themselves at a road block.  Filling out the FAFSA is a step towards finding ways towards funding your education.  There are many options out there.

One option is to take out loans and hope that after graduating, you find a job, hopefully a good one. Another option is to research scholarships.  There is funding out there.  It is just a bit harder to find.  The third option is to find a job.  Your best bet with a job is to get one where whoever you work for offers tuition reimbursement.  If not, you can always pay for school yourself.

Apply for scholarships that are offered through schools.  These include merit based scholarships and graduate assistanships.  Some potential schools are helpful in terms of helping you find money for school.  Others aren’t so helpful.  Some schools have very limited funds for graduate students.

There are some helpful sites to apply for scholarships such as Fastweb, the Institue for Humane Studies. There are also government loans to help pay for grad school if you think you have no choice but to take out loans.

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Graduating and Going into the Deal World

Graduation marks the end of one journey and beginning a new one. Everyone has a plan, even those who think they don’t have one. The short term plan is to graduate. The long term plan varies from person to person. While some people already have job offers and accepted it, there are still those that aren’t sure what’s in store for them. That’s a good thing. Exploring your options is one of the best things anyone can do. No one wants to feels as though they’re settling or find out later on in life they made a mistake career wise. For those who are graduating, take some time putting explore your surroundings. It may be an eye opening experience.