Summer Sound Series: Spotlight For Unsigned Artists

Trying to get into the music business is almost never easy as an artist.  99.3 The Joynt is offering a chance for unsigned talents to perform each and every Wednesday night at Misavi Lounge 62 Van Buren St, Newark New Jersey.  There is no charge for performing. Whether its to perform or come listen, it’s a good spot to be at on a Wednesday night.  If you’re interested in performing hit me up via email or bbm 20DD4AB0




I logged in on twitter yesterday and saw that Esperanza won a Grammy Award for best new artist.  The question on many of my followers and the people I’m following’s mind  along with mine is WHO IS ESPERENZA?! Who is this lady that won a Gammy over Justin Beiber? After winning her award, she said “I certainly did not expect to even be considered for that type of nomination.  Me being a little old jazz musician and everything”. Esperenza, you definitely were not the only thinking this.  Many people could not understand why someone they have never heard of could win such a big award.  What people could not understand even more was the fact that she won over Justin Bieber.

What people do not realize about awards like these is that the people behind the decision of who wins do not base it off of who sells the most albums.  They base it of of who they think has more talent.  Not that Justin Bieber lacks talent.  He just was not on the same level as Esperenza.  After winning an award of this great magnitude, her future is looking bright.  For those who did not know of her before, they will start seeing her face or name more often.

I listened to some of her songs and she’s actually good.  Why she was not well known until now, I’m not sure.  I like her music and I do think she deserved to win.  This is my personal opinion.  Go check out some of her music on youtube and information about her on