My Art

What is art?

It depends whether or not you want a textbook definition.

Art is defined through many different ways. Webster’s dictionary has a few definitions of what art is. Art isn’t just a paintbrush, some paint, papers and pencils. Art is much deeper than that. Art is expression. This can be seen through music, fashion, writing and so much more. Art is creativity.

Art through fashion is putting pieces of clothing and makeup together. In some cases, the clothing items don’t match but this doesn’t mean it isn’t creative. Applying makeup involves being somewhat creative. Lack of creativity can be seen through fashion especially when it looks like someone literally threw something on. Makeup brings the clothing together. A splash of color one someone’s face can be all that’s needed to bring an outfit together or even cause it to fall apart.

Art through music can be felt through the sound it provides. The words and beat flowing through speakers to the listeners’ ears. The sound of the beat and how it’s constructed to bring together the words to a song. Music is like food for the soul. It can help you relate to a situation and sometimes help you get over it. Different forms of music is what makes it art.

How can writing be art? Writing causes you to form a picture in your head as you read it. Writing puts you in a creative realm where what you are reading may not be real. Through writing, you can escape reality even if it’s for a moment. Writing is a form of expression and art.

Since we’re talking about art here, guess what? I’m covering the Art section for ADD Mag. I know the first 2 questions that are most likely to pop up in your head. 1. What’s ADD Mag? 2. What type of art will I be covering? To answer your first question, ADD Mag is an online magazine started by 7 students. We cover pretty much EVERYTHING!!! To answer your second question, I’ll be coverinG more of the textbook definition of art.

Art can be anything from how a piece of cloth is stitched together to how an iPad is put together. Art is no limitation on what can be classified as art. It has broken all barriers known to man. Art is freedom of expression.

Be sure to check out ADD Mag and we’ve done so far!

The Vinyl Factory

While I was in Central London, I stumbled onto a shop called The Vinyl Factory.  I know most of you are probably wondering, whats The Vinyl Factory?? I know I was.  It is a music and arts enterprise.  They provide a range of services to the music and creative industries including studio facilities, design, manufactoring, distribution, retail, marketing, publishing, workspace and profession services.  Some of the releases they have are from Boris, Jamie xx & Gil Scott-Heron and Toro y moi.  They sell are selling some items off of their site.

Their vision is that this is a place where where artists have a place to display their work.  Here the work places more of an emphasis on quality and not just quantity.  They go by the quote “Music is Art” so you’re an artist that has some good work who’s looking for an outlet to display your work, I suggest you contact “The Vinyl Factory”.  On their site they said “Music is a physical experience. They Vinyl Factory embraces this and helps crystalize music into unique spaces and products, through a unique process.”

“The Vinyl Factory ubderstands that music is art and should be treated as such.”  I couldn’t have agreed with this statement better myself.  you can visit their blog. For more information, you can contact them at or visit their site .

On this posts are pictures I took myself while I was in London.