Small Business Appreciation Month

The month of February is dedicated to shining light on small businesses.  Some of these small businesses include ADD Mag, Bennie Maison, Crumbled Thoughts and Vita Belle Designz and more.  This will give you some inside scoop on these start up companies and how they function.  

Stay Tuned!!! 

Top 10 Dunks of 2012

2012 is over but there’s still the top 10 dunks of 2012 in the NBA. The Bobcats slid into the number 10 spot and the Clippers stole the number 1 spot.

10. Bobcats vs Trail Blazers by Byron Mullens

9. Knicks vs Heats by J.R. Smith

8. Celtics vs Jazz by Jeff Green

7. Lakers vs Bobcats by Gerald Henderson

6. Clippers vs Jazz by Jeremy Evans

5. Warriors vs Timberwolves by Harrison Barnes

4. Clippers vs Lakers by Blacke Griffen

3. Bulls vs Heat by LeBron James

2. Nets vs Rockets by by Gerald Green

1. Clippers vs Thunder by Blake Griffen

And there you have it; the top 10 dunks of 2012.  You can watch the video below to get a better visualization.

New Year, New Expectations

Happy New Year!!!

With the New Year here, what are your expectations and goals this year?  There is a lot in store in the world of music, fashion, culture, sports, journalism, etc.  It is sure going to be an event filled year.

Instead of making a new resolution, brush up on an old one.  The goal should not be to be a new you, but a better you.  “Only you can be you so be the best version of yourself.” This quote should be one to live by.  Everyone is unique and should only be themselves.  If you aren’t the best version of yourself that you can be, who else is going to do it as well as you could?  While you’re at it, demand more of yourself.  Challenge yourself.

Heads up: Next month is “Small Business Appreciation Month” Splash of Art will be covering small businesses all through February. This should be an interesting series. Stay tuned.

How are you going to improve yourself this year?