Things Haitian Girls Say

This video is pretty funny and true in many aspects. Tamisha, better known as Tami or TamiZoe gives a glimpse into haitian culture and life.  It is not meant to be taken literally or personally.  It is meant to add a bit of laughter into your life.  If you are haitian, you know that you can relate to some of the areas covered in this video or know someone that can relate. Check out the video below and subscribe to her YouTube channel.

How Has Social Media Change Your Life?

“If a tree fell in the forest, did it really happen if no one tweeted it?”

Social Media has changed the way society functions today from a business standpoint to personal lives.  Social Media plays an active role on how a lot of things happen.  It gives celebrities a more in depth way of interacting with their fans.  It helps businesses reach potential clients.

Facebook Pages make it easier to keep up certain brands.  All you have to do is LIKE a page and you can stay updated with what gets posted.  With Twitter, you can just FOLLOW people and keep up with their thoughts.  Some tweets are opinions while others can live tweet an event.  Pinterest allows you to PIN photos and others can follow you, kind of similar to Twitter.  Tumblr is like a cross between Twitter and Instagram.  Instagram is like a Twitter but for pictures.  Unlike Twitter, you’re not limited to 140 characters.  With so many different Social Media platforms, it’s difficult to stay away unless you don’t have a smartphone.

With Social Media changing how people function, smartphones are made in a way to adapt to this.  With a smartphone, all you have to do is download the apps.  Question is, if we remove smartphones and Social Media, how difficult would it be to go back to how society used to before technology became so advanced?

How has Social Media changed your life?


Here’s a video by Kyle Murray, Valerie Jean and Ksenia Stysepskina based on a day on Instagram

Mouse Sucks Psychedelic Punk

18 year old Psychodelic Punk artist Mouse Sucks comes straight from Ontario, Canada. Since he started living out in Brooklyn,NY in 2011, he started making music. His latest song, “No Love” is a collaboration with fellow Brooklyn artists Capital Ode and Shawn K. Music is his passion. His time is spent music related. He is either working on his music or working on content for his music. Check out “No Love”

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