Chance given a Chance

A stroke that led him to be unconscious and in critical condition wasn’t enough to stop Chance from doing hat he loves. Being hospitalized for over week gave him time to reflection different situations from his past. ” I started thinking about how many close calls I’ve had and how many other people in similar situations didn’t get through them; and I realized it had to be a reason I was still here and that I wasn’t [going to] keep getting these 2nd chances” after overcoming this obstacle, Chance found a new sense of purpose and fully devoted himself to his music. Chance discovered his passion for music when he was eight years old. By the age of 20, he realized that this was what he wanted to do, especially after almost losing his life.

Chance has been the longest running rumors assistant for His daily column “Chance Encounters” was a huge success despite the old reception of of many of his predecessors. even though he had a controversial “tell it how it is” style, his column was a hit with All Hip Hop’s monthly view of 5million+ readers.

He started a college radio show with his partnerSamuel “Shine” Travis and called it CDR which stands for Crack Distributions Radio. This has become or of the most influential and popular web shows among urban music. CDR has been featured on many major websites and blogs. It has had over a million views and become a milestone in the careers of many new artists.

Chance is preparing his first album, Made in Yonkers. It will be released later this year under Empire Distribution. He recently released his mixtape Plateaus. Chance is taking advantage of every opportunity given to him to do what he loves: music.

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Graduating and Going into the Deal World

Graduation marks the end of one journey and beginning a new one. Everyone has a plan, even those who think they don’t have one. The short term plan is to graduate. The long term plan varies from person to person. While some people already have job offers and accepted it, there are still those that aren’t sure what’s in store for them. That’s a good thing. Exploring your options is one of the best things anyone can do. No one wants to feels as though they’re settling or find out later on in life they made a mistake career wise. For those who are graduating, take some time putting explore your surroundings. It may be an eye opening experience.


ZENUJ: More Than Just Beads

This Youtube video is a profile story done by MY CUSTEEZ on ZENUJ Beads.  ZENUJ is a fashion accessary company that specializes in beads.  June Brone feels like he’s alive doing what he loves to do which is making chains. June’s hands are not your average human’s hands, they are his craft.  He uses them to create a piece of art that has significant meaning to others.  He creates different types of jewelry from necklaces to bracelets.  


You can follow Zenuj on Twitter  or on Facebook. If you’re interested in his products, you can email him at