Buyout Buyout Buyout

Rumor is Derek Fisher was bought out by the Houston Rockets.  How true this rumor is, not too sure.  What I do know is this was a really smart and stupid move if it is true. This was a smart move for the Rockets but not so smart of the Lakers. He is a very driven guard that is pulling out all stops to win his sixth championship.  He was a definite asset to the Lakers, especially on the floor.  

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New York Love

Who is Stixx? He’s an upcoming artist straight out of Brooklyn.  His mission is to make a strong impact on the music world.  He prefers to stand out than the be placed into a category.  His latest debut was his LP, “Road to Success”.  Along with seeing that he never gives up, he wants the world to hear his music and listen to his story.  Check out Stixx  page and his YouTube video below New York Love.  You could follow him on twitter.