Venturing Outside of Jersey City: My Final Video Project

Unlike my Multimedia Reporting class, I get to cover outside of Jersey City for my final video project for Video Journalism.  I decided that my project was either going to be about music or fashion.  Can you guess which one I’m covering and who????? One thing I will say for this project is it will be a documentary  style project.  I’m excited to get the cameras rolling!!! I’ll keep you guys updated.

Danielle Dorilus: S.O.A Spotlight

Spending most of her time studying, this future pediatrician knows that hard work will pay off for her.  Meet Danielle Dorilus, senior at College of Saint Elizabeth majoring in Communication.  This fashonista spent her summer interning at the Universty of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.  As an intern, she shadow a doctor and did research work on cervical cancer.

In her spare time, you’ll catch her reading up on what’a going on in the world of medicine and doing personal homework in preperation for her MCATs.  Ms. Dorilus, Splash of Art is supporting your dreams.

Good Bye Summer, Hello Fall

So I spent most of my summer working in an office as a student assistant for my school’s Media Service department.  After work on Wednesday nights, I would head down to Misavi Lounge for my internship.  I actually enjoyed this the most this summer.  I got to listen to underground music and tweet about it. 

When I was not working, I was enjoying the heat.  Well, not really enjoying it because I’m not the biggest fan of the summer’s outrageously hot weather, but I was enjoying it nonetheless.  From bbqs and blogging to just hanging out with friends, it has been quite a summer. 

And now, (dum dum dum dum) I’m back in school for my last year as an undergrad.  I’ll enjoy every bit of it from going out with friends to staying up late doing homework, I will miss all of it.  So this is my farewell to summer and welcoming in a new school year filled with excitement and anticipation.


Finding Internships & Jobs in the World of Communication

Here are three sites I visit regularly that have a variety of lists of internships and jobs  and what they’re looking for as far as requirements. 

Ed2010 Internships

Ed2010 Whisper Jobs

Intern Queen

Media Bistro