Mellisa Scarlett: S.O.A Spotlight

This week’s weekly spotlight goes to 21 year old Rutgers University student Mellisa Scarlett. She aspires to one day be a family lawyer.  Entering her fourth year of college, she majors in Justice Studies and is working on a minor in English.  This fashonista spends her summer days working and spends her spare time with family, friends and reading.  Her favorite lawyer is Joan from Girlfriends. A lady with the brains like her and a positive outlook on life knows that hard work will pay off. Ms Scarlett, Splash of Art is supporting your dreams.

Lingering Creativity

Since the start of my summer, I’ve seen creativity being taken to new heights.  From block parties to social gatherings, creativity is lingering in the air.  While I’ve seen people trying to perfect their craft in one way or another, I’ve also been meeting people branching out towards something new.  Whether it’s the hot beat of a song from an underground artist to a photographer attached at the hip with his camera, it’s all catching my attention. From one creative being to the next, don’t give up hope cause I see you, all of you.

Summer Sound Series: Spotlight For Unsigned Artists

Trying to get into the music business is almost never easy as an artist.  99.3 The Joynt is offering a chance for unsigned talents to perform each and every Wednesday night at Misavi Lounge 62 Van Buren St, Newark New Jersey.  There is no charge for performing. Whether its to perform or come listen, it’s a good spot to be at on a Wednesday night.  If you’re interested in performing hit me up via email or bbm 20DD4AB0