Splash of Art

I have to keep a blog for my Multimedia Reporting class. I decided to get a head start on it. I have some familiarity with blogging. I used to keep one but I stopped keeping up with it. Hopefully after this semester I keep up with this one since I’m doing two topics my world revolves around besides my family, friends and school: music and fashion.

I chose to call my blog Splash of Art because that’s what music and fashion is to me. They are sources of inspiration and expression. They speak to me in volumes. I couldn’t imagine my world without them. I’m not one to just follow trends, I like to add my own flavor to it. And with music, I love to listen to music. It’s like my own little escape from reality. Not only will I be covering big time artists, but also those that catch my eye.

Below is Kid Cudi’s video DayandNight.